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Why register my pet with the European GoBack.EU database?

In France, a dog gets lost every 21 minutes, and a cat every 12 minutes. Equipped with a GoBack QR or GoBack BT medal, anyone with a mobile phone who finds your pet in France or abroad will be able to notify you immediately.

What's the difference between the GoBack QR medal and the GoBack BT medal?

These two medals both give access to the "portal.GoBack.eu" database, allowing users to report a lost animal. The GoBack BT medal is more effective, as it contains a microelectronic device that communicates remotely with your mobile phone (maximum 100 m outdoors). It is therefore not necessary to catch the animal to scan the QR code and retrieve the information required to contact the owner. What's more, the free "GoBack Medals" app available on the Play Store or App Store will inform you if your pet is nearby. For example: imagine that you're on holiday at a campsite and can't find your cat. Don't panic! All you have to do is move around, and as soon as your pet is within 80 to 100 metres, your phone will notify you!

What's the difference between a registered medal and an "ACTIVE" medal?

The medal is registered in the database as soon as its number is linked with the "chip" implanted into the animal. For this to become "ACTIVE", the owner will need to create an account by logging in to "portal.GoBack.eu", in order to enter their personal details and those of their cat or dog. Without this information, anyone who finds your pet – in the event that they become lost – will be unable to contact you.

How much does it cost to register my pet in the European GoBack.EU database?

It's free to register, check the database and report the loss of your pet.

Who can register an animal in the GoBack.EU database?

The pet's owner, the vet, the breeder, or anyone who knows the GoBack medal number can register the animal on the database. To activate the medal, it's essential that you open an account and complete the email verification step.

How can I check my pet's registration in the GoBack.EU database?

Just scan the medal's QR code with a smartphone. You'll then receive information about the animal's status: medal registered but not active as the owner's account has not yet been created, "ACTIVE" medal attached to a collar, or "LOST" medal if the animal has been declared lost by its owner. In all these situations, the owner can be contacted via integrated messaging (without their address being disclosed, for security reasons) and they will receive the message via email.

How long does the GoBack BT medal last?

The GoBack BT medal works via low-consumption Bluetooth. If left continually in operation, the standard CR 3220 coin battery will have an operating life of about six months. The replacement procedure is described in the user manual, available on the GoBack site.

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